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  • 4601

    Year 4601 BC

    StuartAdvertising TimelineGraphics WheelInventionCavemanCaveman invents wheel...
    Stuart Advertising designs first hubcap logo.

  • 3547

    Year 3547 BC

    StuartAdvertising TimelineGraphics CavemanDrawingsHistoryEarly tribes begin cave paintings...
    Stuart Advertising produces first billboard for Omaha Dinosaur Steaks.

  • 1450

    Year 1450

    StuartAdvertising TimelineGraphics GutenbergPressTypeGutenberg perfects printing press...
    Stuart Advertising prints flyer inserts, then waits for the invention of the newspaper.

  • 1852

    Year 1852

    StuartAdvertising TimelineGraphics ToiletCrapperMagazineThomas Crapper invents flushable toilet...
    Stuart Advertising starts running ads in Reader's Digest.

  • 1890

    Year 1890

    StuartAdvertising TimelineGraphics PonyExpressMailPostagePony Express delivers mail to western regions...
    Stuart Advertising prints direct mail piece for quick draw lessons delivered to cowboys.

  • 1922

    Year 1922

    StuartAdvertising TimelineGraphics RadioProductionOnAirDetroit Station WWJ goes on the air...
    Stuart crew gathers around microphone to voice 60 second spots for Zeppelin rides.

  • 1927

    Year 1927

    StuartAdvertising TimelineGraphics TVTelevisionProductionPhilo Farnsworth creates visual horizontal lines on TV screen, transmits an image of dollar sign...
    Stuart Advertising sees the opportunity for dollar signs too & writes first TV commercial for mustache wax.

  • 1991

    Year 1991

    StuartAdvertising TimelineGraphics WWWWebWebsitesDesignAl Gore invents the information super highway...
    Stuart Advertising starts designing web ads for Calvin Klein underwear.

  • 2006

    Year 2006

    StuartAdvertising TimelineGraphics FacebookSocialMediaSocial Media becomes dominant in advertising...
    Stuart Advertising contacts Mark Zuckerberg to post first Facebook ad.


Advertising Agencies Spokane & Spokane Advertising Agency


There are a lot of advertising agencies in Spokane, but Stuart Advertising is here for you. We like to think of ourselves as consultants, and we enjoy helping our clients solve problems to advance their business. Our services go above and beyond what you will see on this website; if you can think it — we can do it! We look forward to helping you grow your business, and the opportunity to add our personal touch to your advertising.

Spokane Advertising Agency

We have a team of eight incredibly talented account managers, media buyers, copywriters, accountants, graphic designers, and web developers who attend to our clients every need. In addition, we have a team of web programers, graphic designers, and artists that assist us on everything from business cards to billboards, vehicle wraps to building signage, custom created web plugins, and even animation design!

Throughout our 20 years being a Spokane Advertising Agency advertising in Spokane, Spokane Valley, Coeur d'Alene, Tri Cities, and the surrounding areas, we have hand selected a very strong group of high quality, hardworking, creative and fairly priced vendors for printing, sign production, custom graphics, on-site installation, and more. We bid out between them – knowing that no matter who comes in with the lowest bid amount — the job will be completed to our high standards. In doing so, we also "Buy Local", so we are proud to say all of our print work is done locally in Inland Northwest.

One other thing you may want to know: We don't charge retainers or monthly fees. For media advertising we are paid a commission from the media companies we place client advertising with. We work with all types of budgets and strive to help our clients to succeed – because your success is our success!